Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rootstocks?

Rootstocks is a winemaking experience in the heart of Niagara's winecountry.
Viticultural practices and winemaking techniques will be overseen by
winemaker David Johnson. Participation provides an enthusiasts with a unique
exploration of the finer points of winemaking. Clients will receive a
personal allocation of wine from their own customized wine program along
with some outstanding lifestyle benefits in Niagara Winecountry.

What kind of activities can I participate in?

We have many activities throughout the course of the growing season.

Participate as much or as little as you like.

During the winter months work with the winemaker performing the traditional
crafts of topping, barrel sampling and barrel-to-barrel racking. You may
also wish to select barrel types and desired toast.

Springtime: After aging and before bottling, you may work closely with the
winemaking team to develop your own personal wine blends. Wine is extracted
from the barrels & tanks and the optimal balance of flavors in the wine is

During the summer months, crop thinning, hand leaf pulling, tucking are
ongoing in the pesticide free vineyard. This is a good time to engage in the
very personal process of customizing your label.

September and October -- harvest season -- are months of great activity.
Join in as grapes are hand-picked, then gently hand-sorted and put into
tanks and barrels. Activities will include demonstrations and hands on
activities of following the fermentations, monitoring sugar and temperature
levels, performing traditional punch-downs, pump-overs, barrel stirring and
barrel rotations.

Who owns and operates Rootstocks?

Rootstocks day to day operations are managed by Andrew & Christina Brooks,
owners of Crush on Niagara Inc, a successful tour & event operator. All
winery operations and viticultural decisions are directed by Featherstone
Estate winemaker David Johnson and his winemaking team.

How many acres of Vineyards are there?

Grapes will be sourced from a 10 acre site in the Lincoln Lakeshore DVA. The
site was acquired in 2002 and the land was painstakingly cleared and then
meticulously prepared under the guidance of David Johnson and area industry
experts. No expense has been spared on drainage, clone selection, trellising
systems, hand work and tractor work. The Vineyard is planted to Pinot Noir,
Cabernet, Riesling & Chardonnay.

When can I join Rootstocks ?

Vineyard activities are ongoing thought the year and participation is
encouraged at any time.

Can I be involved in ownership in the land or business?

Participation does not involve ownership of any assets and does not carry
any financial risk, responsibility or liability of ownership.

Can I create my own blends?

You'll be invited to participate in blending trials with the winemaking
team. Rootstock wines will be fermented in small lots and put into
individual barrels and tanks from separate vineyard lots.

Can I design my own label?

All participants can personalize the Rootstocks wine label or upgrade to a
complete customized packaging design & label in compliance with OLGC & VQA
regulations for a one time set up fee.

How much wine will be available ?

Additional wines may be available over and above your allotment at an
attractive price.

Can I sell my wine?

Wines can be resold only to an individual or business  that holds a license
to resell wine in accordance with OLGC laws.

Is Rootstocks subject to laws and regulations?

Rootstocks was created to engage oenophiles in the grape growing and
winemaking process, to enjoy the fruits of one's labor without being subject
to licensing requirements associated with winery ownership. Wines cannot be
resold unless the member holds a license to do so. Wines can be consumed
with friends, family, colleagues and donated to charity for auction.

Is the property and winery experience open for tours and tastings?

All tours and experiences are available to booked participants and
prospective clients by appointment only.

How do I get started?

Please connect with Managing Director Andrew Brooks to get a description of
the process and highlights:
P.O. Box 816
Beamsville, ON L0R 1B0


Gather with friends, family or work groups and experience unique seasonal vineyard activities.

Provides access to industry leaders in viticulture, winemaking, and culinary arts.

We'll encourage you to experience working in a private vineyard and winery setting.

Participate in expert winemaking and vineyard management activities directed by celebrated winemaker David Johnson.

Create your personal, boutique wine under your own label.

Enjoy personal wine production from 6 bottles, to 2 Barrels (40 cases). More wine may be available at an additional cost.

Celebrate life's milestones, share a barrel with a friend and label your bottles for an upcoming celebration or create an unforgettable experience for your work group.


P.O. Box 816
Beamsville, ON L0R 1B0

P.O. Box 816
Beamsville, ON L0R 1B0
T/ 289.440.1154
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